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I) The Poetry Pages of Sir Gregory

Edited by Cym VanFaulker-Smith. Collected from over 10 different publications and archived from the email poetry list "".
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These original period style poems address modern concerns and situations but approaches them with the grace of the age of Chivalry in mind (and in heart).
There are ~ 250 original poems available (or soon to be) for your enjoyment - 'Romantic', 'Humorous', 'Dramatic', 'In Tribute' and 'Commemorative'.


II) "Educational Demonstrations & Fundraising"

Hands-on, interactive educational history programs for schools. Also, some ideas for internal and external fundraising.


III) Essays, Workbooks and Tretises

Class List for GregRobin and Cymbric, Sonnet Writing Workbook, Poetry and Bardic Contest Criteria.


IV) Links

To other Medieval sites, Education Assistance sites, Related sites (and friend's sites :-).


V) Medieval Weddings

Pictures, questions, suggestions and places to go for help putting on a Medieval style wedding. (This site has mostly pictures right now, but will be much more helpful in the time to come.)


  The following pages are not up yet. If YOU would like to influence which of these pages goes up next, email me with your ranking of interests.

VI) Period and Society Astronomy, Pavilions and Costuming. {Still Under Basic Construction}

VI) Life at the Keep. The "normal" home page stuff {Still Under Basic Construction}

VII) Caerleon (a living history project). Part A is information on improving hands-on educational programs in the schools, resources and ideas. Part B is "Caerleon, the living history center". A place to go and re-discover and re-create with the past as a guide. (in development). {Still Under Basic Construction}.

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