Educational Demonstrations and Fundraising

and ways they relate to the SCA.


by Sir Master Brand McLiam, IC, MPel., KSCA
(aka GregRobin Smith> 4th revised edition (electronic) copyright January 1996 with a foreword by Mistress Hilary of Serendip, MPel., ML., KSCA, and longtime Steward of the Society (retired).


Table of Contents (includes the chapters of all VI Bokes)

Boke I out of VI

Foreword (by Hilary of Serendip) and an Introduction (by Sir Brand)

Boke II

Questions and Answers

History of A Knight's Tour

Setting up a Demonstration Company

How Much Money Does It Take To Start Up an Educational Demonstration Company?

Guidelines for an Educational Demonstration Company.

Planning an Educational Demonstration

Instructor Selection

Financial Considerations

Boke III

Demos other than at Schools: General Introduction

External Educational Fundraising Ideas

External Fund-Raising Ideas, non-Ed.

Boke IV

Internal Fund-Raising Ideas

Fund-Raising Ideas TO AVOID

Town Sponsorship of the SCA


Boke V

Form: Host's Demo. Evaluation Sheet

Form: Instructor's Fact Sheet

Form: Instructor's "Need to Know" Sheet

Form: Instructor's Demo Evaluation Sheet

Outline and Handout: Heraldry

Outline: Life of the Medieval Child

Handout: Herbal and Food Recipes

Outline: Games

Outline: Period Clothing

Outline: Dance

Outline: Arms & Armor. Fighting Notes

Tax Form (Suggested Notes)

Boke VI

Book List and Reference List


About the Author

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