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  Dear and gentle readers; Below are links to my bokes of poetry. Please feel free to browse, re-email to a friend, or print a personal copy (please leave the (c) copyright, contact and author information intact). If you wish to re-print any of my works in any type of publication, or use any in, say, a wedding, please contact me first for permission. All works are (c) copyright 1995-1999 by GregRobin Smith.

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70 sonnets of love and tribute

The Court of Kings



A Dozen Roses

Some Poems done especially for Valentine's Day



Tribute to a Liege for Duty Owed



NEW!!! Poems and Quotes dealing with the subject of Chivalry, Peerage and the Obligation of the Nobility

Treat Your Lessers as Your Equals


Poems and Speeches dealing with the subject of the Theatre and Short Scenes done in the Shakespearean style

Dramatis Personnae



Commissioned by his staff

Poems for Dr. Kinyoun



"The title speaks OF what the book is in opposition TO" A variety of styles and purposes, mostly good natured


Smut, Gossip and Lies Under Construction



Commissioned by a friend for his Lady, Julie

The Gunther Poems



various themes and styles

In Praise and Reverence (12th Night, 1996)


  And for something completely different: Educational Demonstrations and Fundraising
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  Be well, anon, Brand.
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