Sir Gregory

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Lady Cymbric


Dia Dhuit! (Greetings, in Irish Gaelic).

My name is GregRobin Smith. Also known to thousands of school children (and a goodly gathering of schooled adults) as "Sir Gregory". (recently changed from "Sir Brand" for ease of rembering.) My Lady-Wife, partner and editor is Cymbric VanFaulker-Smith, known to those same above mentioned folks as Lady Cymbric of the Isles.

Part of the time, I work at the University of Washington (hence this page location) and administer two bbs lists as well.

My main interests center on the Medieval times, Celtic music and history and making education more hands-on and interactive. To this end, this page has some of my poems, information about my email poetry list service (it's free) and a copy of my "Educational Demonstrations and Fundraising" book. The Table of Contents is accessable by clicking below. Come look and enjoy. If you have questions or comments, please email me at

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