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Happy Valentine's Day

A series of short works, called "A Dozen Roses".

Dedicated to my love and wife, Cym, and to Mark and Lolly, newly weds.



A Dozen Roses

1 "Roses"


2 "Daily Bloom"

Rises daily,
Orbed Sun,
Sending Light
Eternal to
Show... Thee.

3 "Memory's Scent"

Remembered every day
Observe how quick
Senses rime sweet
Each time recalling
Such a love.

4 "A Guide"

Reveal thyself in loving.
Observe the world in care.
Secure thy destiny with
Each day's shared laughter,
Song, dance, and embrace.

5 "Lantern's Rose"

Reach I in the night
Obtaining well my good delight
Since grasped or no, you
Enter my soul, and do
Shadows banish, with thy light.

6 "Pilgrims"

Recall the goal and daily steps
O' partner on this pilgrim's road.
See past and present trials and
Errors, dreams made true and real.
See how far we've come, together.

7 "Heights"

Revel in the gloried senses of embrace
Obtain Elysium, its high plateaus of bliss.
Send thought and passion, desire and will
Each to the vaults of conquered heroes
Secure that they are yours, captured all.

8 "Grow Roses"

Roses sweet and deep with passions filling blush
Offer up their scented song, their fresh'ning labor
Seducing Cupid's prey, securing continuance, doubling poet's fees.
Each bud a garden full of promise, waiting.
Secure a hope fulfilled, grow thee a Rose.

9 "Love's Roots"

Roots exchange the air above with worm cut sod.
Obtaining gifts from each it grows its higher form
Sending deeper to soil and higher to the Sun
Each finger grasps to pull the two parts together.
So Love's roots reach deep and high for us.

10 "The Heart is Safe"

React with giddy sentences that maim intent and prizes hoped.
Obtain the dirt beneath the stone where their shadow fell.
See their form reflected in every facet of the world.
Envy the dust within their room, the gardens they inhale
Seek nothing but their love. Prove Cupid shoots the brain.

11 "The Butt of Love"

Richened is the World for Love and all its many blessings.
Often, tho', we question Cupid's aim. Object we to his timing.
Should we so bemoan where and when the arrow falls, or
Enact we better targeting by being better marks and targets all?
Show we our souls as worthy goals, and love is there.

12 "The Rose's Garden"

Rises she from her gentle bed enflowered in lace and dawning's grace.
Opens she her shuttered sill, sunlight ent'ring as her light outward spills
Sings she gently. All that listens hears melodies that are true beautiful.
Each day, this way, this wondrous flower gifts the world with sense.
Such goodness does awake the world with joy, inspiring life an soul.

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