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The Author wishes to thank:

My Mother, Paulina Yggdrisil, for inspiration towards service and hospitality, my Father Harry the Smith for curiosity and a desire to invent. To them both for music, theatre, dance and an introduction to the Muses of Creativity.

The Kingdom of An Tir, the Barony of Madrone and the good and noble People of the Knowne World. The Schools and organizations that have commissioned demonstrations (helping fund many SCA groups, guilds, companies, events, SCA folk and their communities).

Daniel Shadygrove, Edward Ian Anderson, Jazelle Rae de Leyster and Siobhan Iyatrosakis (former heads and co-heads of the Demo Company of Madrone). The many mighty Madroneans and others of this fair land who have labored so long and well on some of the best, most effective and appreciated demonstrations the Society has produced.

To Tracey Wickersham and the Kent Canterbury Faire.

To Master Ragnar the Bold, OP, for requesting this work.

To my former Knight Sir Aweiodian aef Croansdale, Mistress Rhiannon ferch Myfanny Awryl, OP, and Susan of Kathculneen for teaching me the legacy of the Society, and Baroness Mistress Companion Serena Cliendori of Bagulay, OP, OL, for introducing me to the Society and its People in the first place.

Their Excellencies Vladimer and Anastasia, former Baron and Baroness of Madrone, for supporting and encouraging A Knight's Tour.

To Brigid O'Hurley and Alan O'Draccocrag for understanding.

To Baroness Mistress Companion Rowenna de Manning, OP, OL, Mistress Janelynn of Fen Mere, OP, Mistress Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne, OP, James the Obscure, to Baroness Mistress Deirdre Muldomhnaigh, OP, OL, Mistress Sir Hilary of Serendip, OP, KSCA (longtime Steward of the SCA, Inc.) and many others for their fine suggestions, proofreading, editing and support.

And for Her Ladyship Cymbric of the Isles, my Lady, my Wife, for inspiration, editing, insight, love and friendship. "Mo ghra' thu'"

To Aedan Bloodhawke for Web Page Design

"Go raibh maith agat."

Brand, Madrone, Dec-Jan as 27, November as 28, revised March 1998.

Nopress Inparticular Books c/o A Knight's Tour. For info write Sir Brand at

About the Author:

Brand McLiam of Clontarf, now of Shrewsbury. Order of the Iron Chain, Pelican, Chivalry, Goutte de Sang and Jambe de Lion. Award of Arms, Red Branch, Svety Madrone, Serjeant Emeritus-Madrone, Ithra Instructor, Bard.
The son of Paulina Yggdrasil, the Foster son of Baroness Mistress Deirdre Muldomhnaigh, OP, OL and Baron Liam of the Barque, OP. Serjeant Emeritus of the Barony of Madrone and Poet Laureate unto Baroness Anastasia Alexandrovna of Madrone. Formerly known as Brand Faragar the Frank. Stumbled onto the Society in A.S. 15.

An Irish bard living at an early Tudor Court, he works the tapestry trade, travels some, and studies intrigue while keeping his back turned from the door. Brand teaches Shakespearean Sonnets, Middle Eastern Drum, plays the bodhran, penny whistle, guitar, fiddle and sings in a duet ("Tril Se'an")
(pro. trill SHANE) with his lady-wife, Cymbric.

GregRobin Smith. Eagle Scout, B. A. EWU cum laude (Theatre Arts), professional bus driver for the U. W., poet and art model, computer consultant and educator has been involved with service organizations most of his life. He has taught a variety of Medieval and modern classes (sonnets, middle eastern drum, theatre skills, dance) and directed a full array of dramatic works, dance projects, musicals, theatre companies, A Knight's Tour and various fund drives. He carries a signed organ doner card and thinks you should, too.

"Sla'n leat, mo sheacht mi'le beannacht leat agus go soirbhi' Dia duit"

{done mostly in Times New Roman, 12 point, on recycled paper.}

For my Mother, Pauline Ashley Smith

And for my love and partner, Cymbric Early.

"Tugaim searc mo chl'eibh duit"

Produced during, and in service to, the Reigns of Their Royal Majesties of

An Tir: Darius & Jacyntha; Barak & Lao; Rorik & Helena and

Their Excellencies Baron Vladimir & Baroness Anastasia of Madrone.

Webbed while Their Excellencies Trahaearn and Janelyn held the glorious land of Madrone in their Majesties' stead, those Majesties being the Right Noble Brendan and Aryana.

First revised and offered to the Society, November, as xxviii (1993).

Copyright information.

This booklet is solely a compilation of ideas and philosophies of Sir Master Brand McLiam of Clontarf, now of Shrewsbury, IC, OP, KSCA.
(GregRobin Smith) director of A Knight's Tour, a hands-on, interactive, educational resource company located in the Barony of Madrone in the Kingdom of An Tir (Seattle, WA, USA). This is printed by Nopress Inparticular Bokes, (c) 1993 by GregRobin Smith c/o A Knight's Tour.
"A Knight's Tour", "AKT" and "Tril Se'an" are registered trade names and are not to be used without specific written permission.

For questions and discussion on the electronic highway, my email is

All rights reserved. No unauthorized duplication of this booklet is allowed, except under the following conditions:

1) "If a copy is made, it is to be whole and complete without any deletions or additions."

2) "The selling price of any such copy must be for the cost of production only. (This work is a gift to the Society and is not intended as a fund-raiser itself.)

3) "All references to this work are to include where the reader may reach this author for more information."

4) "It is the author's hope that there will be no unauthorized re-writes, but the author does welcome any and all suggestions, comments and ideas for inclusion in future editions."


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