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Foreword by Mistress Hilary of Serendip, MPel., ML., KSCA, and longtime Steward of the Society (retired). :


it's simply a commitment to devote whatever resources we can raise to our set purpose, without diverting any of the surplus to benefit private individuals. As Sir Brand points out in this excellent introduction to Society fund-raising, it really is all right to allow - and even ask - people to pay for performances. It is also all right to reimburse the people who present those performances for the expenses they incur and even to provide an honorarium for their time. (A performer's fee is an expense of the program, not a share of the profits.) However, when you work on a cash basis, you must keep the proper records and make the proper tax reports - and you must remember to value what you're doing more than how much money you're making as a result. Go forth and prosper, but preserve the Society's legal position (and your own), and preserve our joy in our field of study while you're at it."

Introduction by Sir Brand: The Society costs money to run. From the Board of Directors to the smallest incipient Shire, expenses occur that are paid for out of someone's pocket. The Barony of Madrone has raised thousands of dollars over the years from both inside and outside the SCA to help offset these expenses. In addition to the more traditional fund-raisers ("bake sales" and "passing the helm") A Knight's Tour (originally the Madrone Demo Company) also developed its program of professional quality educational programs to supplement the curriculum of our local schools, and receive recompense for it. We have also assisted in modern weddings, a Bar Mitzvah, birthdays, graduations and other celebrations. We always do so with an eye towards hands-on interaction. We always do so with the mutual benefit and education of our hosts and ourselves in mind. However, A Knight's Tour does educational demonstrations. We do not hire ouselves to do SCA demonstrations (although we certainly donate our time and expertise to them.) This booklet outlines some of the ways we have raised this money with special emphasis upon our style of educational demonstration.


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